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Q:  Are you open for practice, tuition or experience days?

A: Unfortunately Somerset Shooting Ground doesn't, we are only open for competitions. 

There are a number of grounds in the region that are open for practice, tuition and experience days

Barbury Shooting School (Swindon)

Braces of Bristol (Bristol)

Brookbank Shooting Ground (Cheddar)

Lings Shooting (Taunton)

Mendip Shooting Ground (Wells)

South West Shooting School (Ilfracombe)


Q:  When do you hold registered competitions?
A:  Our registered FITASC competitions are held on the second Friday of each month, registered ESP competitions are held on the last Friday of the month.
Please see our fixtures page and Facebook profile for up to date fixtures.

Q:  What are your start times?
A: ESP  - start times are 10:00 - 14:00, squads are sent out every 10 minutes.
FITASC - start times are 09:30 or 10:15.  We follow the traditional FITASC format whereby there is a break between layouts.  Finish time is around 15:30 for those starting at the later start time.
We do ask squads to start ahead of their start times if we are running ahead of schedule.

Q:  Are you still running pre-booked entries for ESP?
A:  Although restrictions have eased now we have decided to continue with pre-booked entries. This helps us to understand how many people we are expecting through the day, how many clays we need to put out and do all the admin in advance. We also find that it speeds things up on the day. The flow of shooters around the course is better meaning that you don't have endless queues at stands and you get round much quicker. If you turn up on the day without pre-booking we will always find a way to accommodate you and fit you in the next available squad.

Q:  How do I enter?
A:  ESP - To enter any of our competitions please see the 'contact' page. Alternatively click on the social media icons below and send us a message.

FITASC - All entries must be booked in advance via the link on our fixtures page and are subject to a £20 deposit. We find this discipline very popular and it books well in advance. If the event is fully booked online please join the waiting list on the booking system and it will notify you by email if/when a space becomes available.

Q: Can non-members enter?

A: Yes, targets only. Ideally with a view to becoming a CPSA member - see their website for more information on becoming a member.

Q:  Do you have any wad restrictions?
A:  No, you are able to use whichever you prefer.


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